Principelle Matrix

Principelle Matrix is a next generation sterile composite hydrogel wound dressing. Its design is based on a naturally occurring bioactive process. Mimicking this process synthetically allowed for a close match to the complex processes that take place in chronic wounds.

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The principle of optimal biocompatibility through intelligent designs has been used for implants and other applications. It is relatively new in wound care. Chronic or therapy resistant wounds characteristically show a disturbed balance in the amounts of exudate, proteins, ions, microbial load and the intricate relationship and function between these elements. Principelle Matrix dressings with bioactive properties modulate proteins and ions. The product mimicks the behaviour of certain macromolecules (polysaccharides) naturally present in the human body. These elements have a diverse function:

  • Stabilise growth factors and cytokines
  • Regulate proteases
  • Modulate the inflammation reaction

Matrix without border

Allows application on larger wounds

Matrix Bordered

Matrix with adhesive border

Allows application without secondary fixation (gauze)

Matrix Bordered

Principelle Matrix is a hydrated, superabsorbing copolymer (presence of various kinds of polymers) dressing. The unique design allows for an unparallelled capacity to hydrate and absorb within one dressing. This function is a perfect match to the moisture needs of the human skin. At present, two types are available: Principelle Matrix 10x10cm. Principelle Matrix Border (skin-friendly adhesive border; island size 6.8×6.8cm)

Technical details


Principelle Matrix dressings consist of three active layers:

  • Highly breathable PU Film
  • Superabsorbent Gel Polymer
  • Skin-facing Matrix Layer


Supervised by a healthcare professional the product can be applied to treat acute and chronic wounds(non-infected), or wounds with a low microbial load.

The border-version fixates the dressing with a skin-friendly adhesive transparent layer. The non-border version can be applied to larger wounds and is usually fixated with gauze.



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10x10 cm
6.8x6.8 cm (border)
Product code
PPM1010B (border)